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Re: Leuke Losse Flodders

Geplaatst: do 09 feb 2017, 18:58
door pichichi ... story.html" onclick=";return false;

Als je even flink wil :D en :? en :lol: en :roll:

Een rollercoaster aan emoties. Met werkelijk práchtige beredeneringen. We hebben er eentje die koffie helemaal heruitgevonden heeft!

P.s. 1 april valt vroeg dit jaar.... :P

Re: Leuke Losse Flodders

Geplaatst: vr 10 feb 2017, 18:06
door pichichi
(...) a new place called Limitless Coffee that sourced "washed" beans.

(...) it was supposed to be "cleaner and healthier,"
Its website says, "We exist to produce the purest coffee and tea on earth," and it throws plenty of shade on those who don't use the same methods. :?

(...) when you start comparing it to other people and their coffee and making health claims about things that don't add up, that concerns me."
So why would a new Chicago roaster base its marketing on implications that its competitors' naturally processed coffee is dirty? :roll:

"But it is," says Matt Matros, co-founder and brand director of Limitless Coffee. "I've been to the farms. I saw it." :lol:

Matros explains that in 2015, while he was on a yoga retreat in Bali, :shock: he took a tour of a coffee farm.

"And I'm thinking, 'Wow that is filthy.' I couldn't believe how dirty the coffee (harvesting) process is," he says. :roll:

Specifically, Matros was horrified by the "natural" processing, which allows coffee cherries to dry under the sun for weeks. ;)

"They're fermenting and decomposing and dying and attracting bugs, birds and wild animals," he says. "I saw this with my own eyes. And then it might rain, and then the sun comes out, and you get mold." 8-)

"With that clean coffee, we have low toxicity, and I think it's that low toxicity that really drives performance and productivity," says Matros. "We want to help people own the day and really win at productivity." :roll:

Limitless Coffee also air roasts its beans, which Matros claims reduces "carcinogenic chemicals" that he believes occur with traditional drum roasting. :o

Dan Cox, president of Coffee Analysts, went further. "I was offended by what I saw" on the Limitless Coffee site, says Cox, a certified coffee grader who's been in business for 35 years. "I don't think he knows what the (heck) he's talking about." :D

Specifically, Cox calls out Matros' blanket statements about the cleanliness of washed beans versus natural processed beans. When it comes to coffee quality, a number of factors come into play. "You can have washed coffee, and it can be filthy," Cox says. "Or it can be very clean." :P

When presented with some of this evidence, Matros says the real proof is in how his coffee makes people feel.

Re: Leuke Losse Flodders

Geplaatst: vr 10 feb 2017, 18:35
door fransg
Trump-logica! ;-)

Re: Leuke Losse Flodders

Geplaatst: wo 12 jul 2017, 16:54
door pichichi" onclick=";return false;

Best wel mooi gedaan! ... 180963923/" onclick=";return false;

Idem dito!

Re: Leuke Losse Flodders

Geplaatst: do 13 jul 2017, 11:00
door fransg" onclick=";return false;

Best wel mooi gedaan!
Dan heb ik er nog een, van Frank Witte, ook met koffie geschilderd:

Re: Leuke Losse Flodders

Geplaatst: do 04 jan 2018, 16:53
door pichichi
These guys are crazy, they built a coffee machine from scrap metal with a total budget of $150.

(klik op foto voor meer afbeeldingen van deze EGAW machine)

Re: Leuke Losse Flodders

Geplaatst: vr 05 jan 2018, 13:44
door pichichi
Nu met bewegend beeld en wat uitleg:

Re: Leuke Losse Flodders

Geplaatst: za 06 jan 2018, 16:31
door pichichi
“You have thermodynamics, you have heat transfer, you have electronics. Espresso machine are really a microcosm of the engineering world.”

And if you think about it, injecting high-pressure steam into an espresso head to make coffee really isn’t so different from injecting fuel into an engine cylinder. (And after all, coffee is rocket fuel for the brain.)
What can an espresso machine teach engineering students about building a jet fighter? Plenty. ... uccess.php

Re: Leuke Losse Flodders

Geplaatst: ma 08 jan 2018, 00:28
door @3aan
Bit-coins te koop in Wateringen, slechts 5 euro per stuk![IMG]// ... 5da9ea.jpg[/IMG]

Re: Leuke Losse Flodders

Geplaatst: do 25 jan 2018, 00:12
door @3aan
Op staat een super Mac te koop,
waarschijnlijk de enige in Nederland

Mac Pro, uit 2008 in zeer goede staat. Compleet met kabels, 5 TB intern geheugen, en nieuwe Macintosch HD schijf van 240 GB t.w.v. 180,- euro. Draait perfect op OS X El Capitan, versie 10.11.6. Voor meer specifitacties zie fotos.

En dat voor €375,-

Zou eigenlijk twee nulletjes achter moeten staan?

Verstuurd vanaf mijn SM-T813 met Tapatalk