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New post on Coffee lingual

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Why Many Baristas Use Bleached Paper Filters

July 10, 2016 by YuTheCoffeeGuide

using bleached paper filter to extract coffee
At Coffee Aladdin, the bleached paper filter is used to make coffee
The Big Question: Bleached or Unbleached?

Any barista will tell you – well, maybe not all but most – that you should never use unbleached coffee filters. Why? What’s wrong with using the more eco-friendly paper filter to make coffee?

For coffee lovers who use the pour-over method with the chemex or coffee drippers, a paper filter of some sort is used to prevent the coffee grinds from finding its way into the coffee pot.

There are usually two types of paper filters to choose from: Bleached or Unbleached

Unbleached paper filters are similar to the paper grocery bags you would find at the supermarket. They tend to have a rather strong, grassy and card-boardy smell to it. It’s the unrefined/raw stage of paper.

Bleached paper filters, on the other hand, are the refined and processed stage of paper. They are usually bleached with chlorine or oxygen; the ones I find at the local cafes and roasters are the oxygen-bleached since they are much safer. They don’t really have a distinct smell.

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